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9 thoughts on “ Pentagon - Various - Jump 2004 Part 1 (CD)

  1. The name Pentagon (pentagōnos) is a noun from ancient Greek origin meaning “five angled” in our logo the 5 angles symbolize the number 5 which is the Balance of numbers, the human being (head and four limbs), it also symbolizes the five senses.(hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and taste).
  2. The discography of South Korean boy band Pentagon consists of one studio album, twelve extended plays and sixteen singlesEPs:
  3. A/N: Hello I’ve returned and i’ve written something really sinful please send help genre: smut (demon / angel AU), optional bias (male) x reader (female) ~k words [masterlist in description] “An angel, huh?” he muttered against your lips. When you pulled away for air, his eyes were shining in the darkest black, filled with so much greed and danger.
  4. Check out the hole left in the pentagon, its big enough for a missile not a plane, and obviously a plane cant fly that low and not be noticed or hit anything else. died at the pentagon that day but i remember 0 casualties as that part of the building was empty, renovation work if i remember right.
  5. Dedicated LFO's, for Pitch, Filter and Amplifier, 13 waveforms each: Sine, Square, Pulse 50%, Pulse 25%, Pulse 12%, Saw Up, Saw Down, Triangle, Step 1, Step 2, Random 1, Random 2, Sample and Hold. Variable offset of all waveforms, Delay, Fade, Speed Depth, Aftertouch, Breath and Modulation controls. All LFO's are individually syncable to Host.
  6. May 16,  · The Bush administration on Tuesday released video images of American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into Pentagon and killing people in the Sept. 11, terrorist attacks.
  7. Tracklista: Off-Road 빛나리 (Shine) *Title 생각해 (Think About You) 재밌겠다 (Do It For Fun) (Rap Unit) 보낼 수밖에 (Nothing I Can Do).

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