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  1. Mithra was the god of war, battle, justice, faith, and contract. According to Mithraism, Mithra was called the son of God, was born of a virgin, had disciples, was crucified, rose from the dead on the third day, atoned for the sins of mankind, and returned to heaven.
  2. Mithras's birth is a cosmic event; he holds the globe in one hand from the moment of his birth (Fig. 8) and touches with the other the circle of the zodiac; the gods of the four winds and the four elements are all present to honour Mithras, ruler of the cosmos.
  3. Mithras is the Blood God worshiped by the Cult faction. Although not much is actually known about Mithras (or if it, in fact, even exists), but it is known that the Cult faction members desire Mithras' power. Followers of this god are rumoured to draw necromantic powers from Mithras' favour, even through death. Due to the ritualistic nature of being called a blood god, it is definitely for a.
  4. Mithras preceded Christianity by roughly years. Mithras was born on December He was considered a great teacher and had twelve disciples. Mithras also performed miracles. Mithras was called “the good shepherd,” “the way, the truth and the light,” “redeemer,” “savior,” and “messiah.”Missing: Dub.
  5. Mithraism, the worship of Mithra, the Iranian god of the sun, justice, contract, and war in pre-Zoroastrian Iran. Known as Mithras in the Roman Empire during the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE, this deity was honored as the patron of loyalty to the kidwahotlicalbeunacithecentworfa.xyzinfog: Dub.
  6. Mithras, God of the Sunset, low on the Western main, Thou descending immortal, immortal to rise again! Now when the watch is ended, now when the wine is drawn Mithras also a solider, keep us pure till the dawn! Mithras, God of Midnight, here where the great bull dies, Look on thy children in darkness. Oh take our sacrifice!
  7. Mithras live at the Cavern, Exeter in - third date of our short UK tour. Setlist: - Lords And Masters - Behind The Shadows (outro) - To Where The Sun Never Leaves - Beyond The Eyes Of Man (ending) - Worlds Beyond The Veil - Tomb Of Kings - The Twisted Tower - Psyrens Vocals/Bass - Sam Bean Guitar.
  8. MITHRAISM, the cult of Mithras, a Persian sun-god, which reached Rome in or about a.d. 69, by the agency of the eastern legions who set up Vespasian as emperor (Tac. Hist. ). It is possible that the cult was known in the capital a century before, but it was the latter half of the first century of the Christian era which saw its strong dessemination in the West, and indeed its notable.
  9. Strategy []. The easiest way to deal with Mithra is to get it as close to 51% HP as possible, then use a support Shiva call on your next turn to try and kill it in one turn. If bypassing Return isn't an option, then avoid getting hit by Distortion Field (which increases Defrag's power) through a combination of Delay Reduce a foe's charge diamonds by 1, Gravity Special attack max charge turn is.

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