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  1. The word "jamming" in Jamaican Patois refers to "getting together" or "celebration" in order to dance and have a good time. "Jammin'" expresses the idea of equality and freedom. The song also mentions Holy Mount Zion as place of unity, peace and freedom. This song was also included on the compilation album "Legend" ().
  2. Jamming in wideband frequency--wideband jamming emits energy within a wideband frequency thus jamming the operation of all the devices occurring within that frequency range and jammer range. Sweep jamming within a frequency range is a compromise between wideband and narrow-band jamming.
  3. jamming The overconstrained mechanisms have the drawback of jamming or undergoing high internal loads when geometric errors occur. From Cambridge English Corpus Extended jamming on one .
  4. Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "jamming"): barrage jamming (electronic jamming over a wide range of frequencies simultaneously) selective jamming; spot jamming (electronic jamming of a specific channel or frequency) Derivation: jam (interfere with or prevent the reception of signals).
  5. Jamming the wheel forward into a dive he cursed as they eased into a gentle drop. He stood in the corridor, jamming a fresh cigarette in his mouth. He set his men to the job of jamming through; and .
  6. Jamming, in electronics, broadcasting a strong signal that overrides or obscures a target signal. Jamming of radio and television stations broadcasting from beyond borders may be carried out by a country that does not wish its citizens to receive programs from abroad.
  7. They include two-way chicken, pulled pork, street shack, jammin' lamb and halloumi and mushroom.
  8. Jamming (Japanese: ぼうがい Jamming) is a term used in Pokémon Contests and is a feature only in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, and in their Generation VI remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.A Pokémon can only jam other Pokémon which have already appealed this round. Jamming causes the other Pokémon to become startled, lowering the appeal points of the startled Pokémon by .
  9. jamming music To jam is play jazz on a musical instrument such as the saxophone; or to rock out to your favourite music artist by yourself or with others. "So are we jamming on thursday?" "I'm jamming, .

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