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  1. Farewell (Alternative Version) Why Are We Not Perfect? (Alternative Version) This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging. Jesu WHY ARE WE NOT PERFECT CD.
  2. Apr 04,  · Christians often praise Jesus for being perfect and free of any sin and use this to prove why we should follow him, but the more I think about it, the more imperfection I see in Jesus, and the more it's obvious that he isn't even a "good prophet", let alone sinless, but is .
  3. Okay, okay, I know I’m not helping! That just makes it worse not better – now we don’t just have to be perfect, we have to mirror the character of God too. So before we go further let’s just be clear, this is challenging and it’s meant to be challenging and there is no way round that. Jesus’ calling to us requires our all and more.
  4. That is why God couldn’t give us a plan of salvation for us to work. That is why God gave us, not a plan of salvation, but salvation itself! To put it another way: God’s plan of salvation was that Jesus would do it all for us. Jesus was perfect – for you and for me. Jesus came to earth not so much to show us what to do, but to do it for us.
  5. Aug 22,  · On Why Are We Not Perfect?, the third of many Jesu releases this year, and an alt-take aided CD version of the songs he contributed to last year's Eluvium split, the former Napalm Death .
  6. Jesu was the name of the last song on the final Godflesh release, Hymns, and Broadrick decided to adopt it as the name of his new project. The first release, the Heart Ache EP, was released in and featured Broadrick playing all of the instruments.
  7. Jesu ‎– Why Are We Not Perfect. CD EP. Regular price €6,99 Sale price €6,99 sold and shipped by the very fine and more than capable people at Burning World/Southern Lord EU/We Ship Vinyl/ I’ll also be selling many rare, hard to find, and out of print vinyl/CD’s that I .
  8. Jesu also contributed a cover version of The Cure's "The Funeral Party" to Manimal Vinyl's Perfect As Cats: A Tribute to The Cure. The album was released digitally through iTunes on 28 October The CD edition of the album was released in stores on 25 November , in a limited edition of 2, copies.
  9. Jesu - Farewell: 2. () Jesu - Blind & Faithless: 3. () Jesu - Why Are We Not Perfect? 4. () Eluvium - Time-Travel Of The Sloth (Parts I, II & III) Notes * This split EP only features Justin and no other musicians (a la Heart Ache). All music created * Hydra Head vinyl pressing limited to 2, - White - Yellow.

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